Sentebale provides access to education and vocational training through night schools and secondary school bursaries to some of Lesotho’s most vulnerable children. These include herd boys, children who have lost one or both parents, and those living with disabilities.

Secondary School Bursaries

Herd Boy Programme

Secondary School Bursaries

Sentebale provides bursaries to cover the costs of school fees, uniforms, nutritional support and education materials.

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Secondary School Bursaries

Sentebale provides bursaries which cover the costs of school fees, uniforms, nutritional support and education materials.

Meet Sabelo

My name is Sabelo, I am 19 years old. When I was 12 I enrolled in Tsakholo High School as I wanted to complete Form A but my family couldn’t afford the school fees.
I lived with my mother and three brothers. She couldn’t afford to buy our school books or uniforms and sometimes we would go to school hungry because we couldn’t afford food.
I thought I would have to leave school but the principal nominated me to be sponsored by Sentebale.
I love school and the moment I was told I got the sponsorship, the only thing to focus on was my studies. Giving up was not an option.
Sentebale paid for my school fees but have also helped me buy my uniform and books.
I passed my Junior Certificate with Merit and also my Cambridge Overseas School Certificate with a first class pass.
In 2014, I went to study for my International Baccalaureate at Mahindra United World College of India; one day I would like to become a teacher.
I am very proud and privileged to have been given this opportunity. If I did it, anyone can do it, one just has to work hard to achieve that.

Secondary school bursary schools

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Herd Boys

Lesotho’s herd boys are a marginalised section of the community. The tradition of tending to livestock in the mountains prevents many of them from attending school. The programme aims to give these disadvantaged boys the chance to make a better future for themselves through access to primary school, as well as vocational and basic skills training.

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