Living With HIV

Our network of Saturday clubs and five-day camps provide essential life skills and psychosocial support to children living with HIV in Lesotho and Botswana.

The programme helps children and adolescents struggling to come to terms with their HIV status by providing a fun, friendly and safe environment for them to address their mental health and wellbeing amongst their peers, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to lead long, healthy and productive lives.

Living with HIV Access to education Care for children Letsema: working together


 My name is Malehoa. I am 13 years old and I live with my auntie and two sisters. 

 My aunt took me to the clinic when I began to feel unwell. I was given lots of pills to take but I didn’t understand why. My aunt explained that I was HIV positive but I did not know what this meant

 I started going to Sentebale’s network clubs and I also went to a week-long camp. We learnt about how to take care of ourselves like taking our medication, nutrition and hygiene. We also played lots of fun games. 

 Camp was great because I got picked up and dropped off at home so my aunt didn’t have to worry. We all stayed together at the centre, got food and a camp kit which had a cool t-shirt in it. 

 It is hard living with HIV because of the bad reaction from society when we are taking medication. 

 With their support, my friends and I feel like we can cope with the challenges we might face. 

 It is important because children are eager to learn new things and when we grow up with this knowledge we can teach younger generations about what we have learnt. 

 I believe that camp saves lives. 

Living with HIV Access to education Care for children Letsema: working together


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