Botswana is known for its stable democracy, conservation efforts, and mineral resources. Botswana has a young population with approximately 70% of the total population under 35 years of age.

Radio Positive Hosts - Bakang & Sekgabo

Despite a country with a healthy supply of natural resources; for young people, the challenges come from

HIV pandemic: The high prevalence of HIV/AIDS which leads to complex social challenges.

Low quality education: Limited access to quality education due to resource constraints and high dropout rates.

High youth unemployment rates: Contributing to economic inequality and social problems like crime and substance abuse.

Current programming

Let Youth Lead

Through the Let Youth Lead (LYL) advocacy programme, we facilitate the engagement of young people, their communities, and related stakeholders in advocacy efforts around better health, education and social rights. As a part of LYL, we run a radio programme called Radio Positive on Duma FM (private radio station with 90k listeners) to discuss issues affecting young people.

Learn more here about the stories of our Advocates.

Clubs and Camps

A psychosocial support programme for children and young people living with HIV to access, adhere and supress their viral load and reduce new infections and reinfections. The goal is to build resilience and ensure those living with HIV have improved treatment adherence and quality of life.


We have implemented the PEPFAR-funded Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored & Safe (DREAMS) project aimed at reducing HIV infection amongst Adolescent Girls & Young Women.

Support for People Living with AIDS Project

The project focuses on interventions designed to help people living with HIV to live positively, promote their health, enable them to protect themselves from HIV reinfection and other STIs, help them to avoid infecting their partner(s) and children, and restore their dignity.

Her Voice Fund

We are the Country Lead for this Global Fund and Viiv Positive Action supported initiative whose aim is to support adolescent girls and young women to have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect their lives. HER Voice runs across 13 countries and is administered by the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+ Global).

Health Budget Advocacy

The project raises awareness, builds capacity of adolescent girls and young women, and keeps leaders accountable in relation to health financing and HIV/Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Programming. It is supported by the AIDS Rights Alliance of Southern Africa (ARASA).

Case Study

Unlocking my full potential

I’m Annah Moyo, a 25-year-old residing in Bobirwa district, Botswana.

I used to rely on the Tirelo Sechaba stipend; a government allowance for volunteers.  I lacked financial direction. Sentebale’s DREAMS program, guided by mentor Kemmonye Mangolo, equipped me with financial literacy during safe space sessions. Learning budgeting, planning, and saving transformed my financial management. Through skills training, I discovered a passion for baking scones. With newfound knowledge, I created a small business, boosting my income. My mentor also connected me to a youth development programme, enhancing my business skills. I am grateful for DREAMS as it has positively transformed my life, empowering me to become the person I am today.

“I have learnt to always remember to make informed choices about my life. The ball is in my court.”

Temogo , 22 years old

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