Education and Livelihoods

We work with young people so they are more resilient, self-confident and empowered members of their communities

We work with children, young people and their families to achieve financial stability and independence and deliver a range of support, skills, and development opportunities to aid them in generating income and career pathways.

One of the interventions include social asset building, where trained mentors meet regularly with groups of adolescent girls to talk about their health, peer pressure, economic hardship, youth unemployment and other challenges. Together they establish evidence-based interventions that ensure they are supported, empowered and able to thrive.

Our outcomes

Young people benefit from improved opportunities to complete formal education and learn new life skills.

Young people are more able to economically support themselves within their communities.

Young people find innovative ways to work towards sustainable economic wellbeing for themselves and within their communities.

Health and Wellbeing - Sentebale

& Wellbeing

We strengthen the health and social and emotional wellbeing of the most vulnerable children living with and at risk of HIV.



We work with local and national partners to provide health and social services for children and young people in a friendly, safe environment.



We believe young people should shape their own future and be given the opportunity to advocate for improved health, education and social protection.