We uplift the potential of young people to create a more inclusive and equitable future.

What we do

Sentebale works in the Southern African countries of Lesotho and Botswana

providing and enabling; holistic care to young people, including those living with HIV/AIDS, and mental health challenges; along with vocational training and entrepreneurial skills. We have recently expanded into the regeneration of landscapes to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change on the natural resources that communities rely on.

Since our founding in 2006, we have been driven by solutions informed by children, their caregivers and the young people we serve, to address both deep-seated systemic issues and individual needs of the moment. Paired with the convening power of our co-founders, this allows us to deliver outsized impact. We call this

The Sentebale Way

We aim to address these challenges head-on with solutions that centre equity, dignity, sustainability, and the next generation.

Rising inequity and climate change are two of the largest issues impacting humanity and the global economy. Paired with the ongoing impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the lasting effects of COVID-19, children and young people in these Southern African regions are eager for sustainable solutions allowing them to live safe and fulfilled lives.

A thriving and strong Africa, which will be home to one-quarter of the global population by 2050 and the largest youth population, is vital to bringing that vision to life.

Strategic Interventions

Health & Wellbeing

We strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of the most vulnerable children and young people living with, or at risk of HIV, by addressing their mental health through psychosocial support, information sharing and providing access to youth-friendly health services.

Nurturing Communities

We work with local and national partners to provide health and social services for children and young people in a friendly, safe environment.

Youth Advocacy

We believe young people should shape their own future and be given the opportunity to advocate for improved health, education, and social protection.

Education & Livelihoods

We work with young people to build their resilience, self-confidence, and life skills, including financial and business literacy, and adapting to the changing natural environment, creating opportunities to support their future.

Children and young people have told us they want to:

  • Feel safe and live in spaces free from any sort of violence or fear of violence.
  • Be included and treated as equals in all aspects of social, educational and work opportunities.
  • Have the necessary academic and life skills, both to be able to protect themselves and to find fulfilling ways to earn their living.

  • Be able to access and benefit from youth-friendly health services – including in areas of mental and physical health, substance abuse, gender-based violence and violence against children.
  • Be able to access youth empowerment programmes, plus vocational and other forms of training and education.
  • Have the confidence and skills to stand up for themselves when they or their peers are not being treated fairly, to speak out against injustices and campaign for better access to services and treatment.